Yukoner - 3.5 HR-Beyond the White Pass

Yukoner - 3.5 HR-Beyond the White Pass
  • Süre : 210 Dakika (Tahmini)
  • Ürün kodu : PNPEIW
dan itibaren USD 65,00 $
Follow in the path of the Klondike Gold Rush stampeders of 1898 as you travel up the Klondike Highway, past magnificent waterfalls and steep mountains of coastal rainforest. See views of the WP&YR railroad, Brackett Wagon road, Pitchfork Falls and Moore Creek Bridge. As we cross the 3292 foot summit of the White Pass and the Canadian Border we enter the subarctic alpine tundra of the "Tormented" valley with its crystal blue Summit Lake.
We'll continue on the journey through spectacular scenery in Canada of dramatic lakes and the Northern Boreal forest wilderness. Stand at the shores of Lakes Tutshi and Tagish, encircled by mile-high mountains and pose at the Yukon Border sign for a great photo-op. Turnaround point is the Yukon Border sign. Beyond the Summit and into northern British Columbia gives a good chance to encounter wildlife-most commonly bears.
See the beauty of the seasons with early summer snow-capped peaks, mid-summer's blooming Fireweed flowers and late summer's glorious fall colors. A photographer's dream.
Experience part of the true wilderness of northern Canada!